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countrycutieluv 10-20-10 07:02 PM

Pregnancy Dream!
After my m/c's I get freeked out anytime I have a dream about pregnancy or baby's.

I had a dream the other night that for some reason I went into a drug store and approached a pg test and it instantly turned +. I didn't even poas! I looked down and I looked 3+ pregnant (normal person 6mnths)
So in my dream I looked at dh and had him get a stethsascope so we could listen for the heart beat. So we searched for it and FOUND it. Then I told dh to listen to my heart beat to make sure it was different was!
In my dream I didn't even know I was pregnant (which for me in itself is off).
I was sad when I woke up (in a cold sweat).

My depo shot would have been due no later then I'm praying for aunt I can get my cycles going.

We just want one..... :pray:

Keepers 10-20-10 09:30 PM

WoW that is crazy. Hoping it means something good!

Sheri 10-21-10 08:31 AM

Sounds like a good omen to me. :)

I dreamt that I was pg the other night- I could feel the baby kicking and everything. I was really sad when I woke up and realized it wasn't true. :mope:

Good luck Carrie! :bighug:

Janine 10-21-10 01:28 PM

:hugs: Hopefully it means good news!

Mark'sbabygirl 10-21-10 01:31 PM

Sending hugs to you friend....and lots of baby dust for that BFP!!!