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Dreams that make you WAKE up!! Print Version

mommy388 03-15-13 01:37 PM

Dreams that make you WAKE up!!
Since I have been pregnany with my 3rd child, I have been having really awful dreams about my son getting hurt and dying. The dreams are never the same as the last ones, but by time I see that it is my son, I wake up in a panic and go to his room to check on him and make sure that he is ok.
When I was pregnant with my son, I would have the same, gripping kind of dreams about my daughter. Are these dreams just my mommy's instict to protect my children or do I need to pray over my children and myself before going to bed? I mean, I always pray before I lay to go to sleep and my children also pray as well, but I don't know what to do to stop these crazy dreams. I stopped eating sugar before bed, stopped drinking soda, even eat my dinner earlier so that they would end......Help PLEASE!!

Chickie 03-16-13 07:58 AM

I would guess that it is just hormonal changes and normal mommy worry. Although I have always had crazy dreams about my youngest child and she is 10 now. I still have that ominous feeling.