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Baby-name remorse

Baby-name remorse

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  • MrsS1stbaby MrsS1stbaby's Avatar 01-07-08 | 10:59 AM
  • It does seem like a pretty hard decision. I know several adults who have stories about what their own parents were going to name them, but then they changed their mind at the last minute. My name was going to be Karen, but somehow, it was decided I should have a very German name. And my grandfather hated my mom's name so much that he never used it. Her side of the family all has a nickname for her that doesn't tie into her first or middle name at all.
  • Bethann73 Bethann73's Avatar 01-07-08 | 11:39 AM
  • No regrets on either DS or DD's names.. I have a feeling I may regret the name we've picked for this one..
    I'm not 100% on the 1st name.. but DH won't budge.. and it's not a bad name.. I guess I'm just worried I will regret it..
  • Dopey406 Dopey406's Avatar 01-07-08 | 02:51 PM
  • I was worried I'd regret Char's name when we named her that, but as time has gone on, she's really grown into her name.
  • NicholeMatthew NicholeMatthew's Avatar 01-07-08 | 03:27 PM
  • No regrets here... Ya think spending 9 months trying to pick a name and bonding with it that you wouldn't have SO many people regretting it.
Thank you ashleewilfred!
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