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Bo for a girl??

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  • burrismm 12-08-09 | 01:39 PM
  • Quote de tatesmommy09
    Hubby and I have loved Bo for a girls name since we saw the movie Signs. We have one son named Tate Millan. Millan was my great grandfathers last name. I'm not sure on a middle name for Bo yet. Possibly Addienne (pron. add-dee-en) because my great grandparents were from wales and it is a welsch name meaning beautiful. If our second is a boy he will be Miles Franklin after hubbys grandpa Frank. What do you guys think of Bo for a girl?? What about Bo Addienne??
    i love both those names...(together)...very unique
  • ajr51594 01-02-10 | 02:01 AM
  • I agree that Bo is really a nick name but there must be a full name that you like so you can still use it


    Good luck!
  • FinallyM2B 01-12-10 | 06:41 AM
  • I'm fond of girl names that aren't too girly so they can be comfortable in whatever they choose to be when they get older. I think she could rock 'Bo' but I wouldn't go too crazy with a middle name. Post some of the possibilities you're thinking of! Depending on what the last name is, I think 3 or more syllabels is definately the way to go. (Alexandra, Brianna, Mackenzie, Madeline)