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Do you like these names???? for girls?

Do you like these names???? for girls?

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  • Atianna 07-21-06 | 12:12 AM
  • I just legally chnaged my name too Atianna Arabelle, from Natalie. And changed my daughters name from Jasmine (first) Anais (middle) to Jasmine-Anais (first) Cynthia (middle) what do you guys think of our new names>?
    [SIZE=2]Tell me all the details starting from what thought you get whwn you first read them, to what you feel when you say them out loud!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!![/SIZE]
    [SIZE=2]What personalities do you associate with the names Atianna Arabelle and Jasmine-Anais Cynthis????????????/ PLEASE BE VERY SPECIFIC!!!!![/SIZE]
    [SIZE=2]oh, and we mad ethese changes in court today so they are a done deal!!!![/SIZE]
  • Atianna 07-21-06 | 04:46 AM
  • hello ladies? waiting for your feedback!
  • AmiKW AmiKW's Avatar 07-21-06 | 11:28 PM
  • They're very pretty names, but they remind me of Disney movie characters. I really like Arrabelle, and Cynthia was my husbands mother's name, one we've considered as a middle name for this baby if it's a girl!
    Congrats on your new names!
  • Atianna 07-23-06 | 01:26 AM
  • Atianna is an Australian name and is very very rare, I chnaged the spelling of it so im pretty much the only one that has this name on earth. Secondly the disney movie with the animated character "jasmine" is what 7 years back??? the name Jasmine is Persian name that is ancient was a name of royalty....just letting you know but thanks for the feedback!
  • wagnerkr wagnerkr's Avatar 07-23-06 | 10:36 PM
  • Does the name have a special meaning? Is it Aboriginal? I have heard of Tatianna which I think is Russian or maybe Ukrainian. I've also heard of Tianna which was a character in a book I once read. Not sure of the origin of the name. Overall I think the name has a nice ring to it and sounds very feminine.
    Jasmine I associate with the flower. Anais reminds me of anise, a spice similar in flavor to black licorice. So both of those names elicite food associations, but nothing unpleasant.