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Help with Baby Boy names!

Help with Baby Boy names!

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  • nurse2b06 06-27-10 | 12:07 AM
  • Please rate (1-10, 1least & 10 best) each name then leave a little comment about why you like or don't like.

    Emerson McKade
    Nolan Wayne
    Nolan Sade
    Channer Grant
    Channer Sade
    Paxton Grant
    Paxton Sade
    Carden Sade
    Carden Grant
    Carden Walker
    Tayton Sade
    Tayton Grant
    Tayton Walker
    Kayton Sade
    Kayton Grant
    Kayton Walker
    Sutton Grant
    Sutton Walker

  • gma52 07-06-10 | 07:26 PM
  • I like Emerson Mckade
  • mommytoavery 10-18-10 | 07:21 PM
  • I like Emerson for a girl... Nolan gets my vote. Good luck
  • 3Princes 10-18-10 | 08:37 PM
  • I like the names that sound like real names--- Emerson, Nolan, Grant, Walker, and even Sutton.
    Your names actually sound a lot like last names, but they're kind of strong sounding to me, which I like. They're kind of different but still easy to pronounce and I think will hold up against time.

    I don't like the names that sound like names you made up. I don't like Carden, Tayton or Kayton.

    Have you looked at the initials the baby will have? I changed my 3rd child's middle name at the last moment because his initials would have been BAR and I didn't like that.

    In the end though it doesn't matter what I, some random chick from the Internet, think of your names-- it's your baby and you have to look at him every day and love the name you chose. No matter what you choose, some people will love it and some people will hate it. I loved getting opinions too though--- when are you due?
  • rudolphia rudolphia's Avatar 10-18-10 | 10:23 PM

    Jeanne said it very well. It's your baby, and it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks.

    But since you're asking
    I'm not fond of the funky made-up names. I lean toward traditional names that will allow the grown-up child to have a professional life without having to explain his/her name all the time, and yet can sound cute for a little one too.

    Nolan Wayne 10 I think Nolan is very cute for a little guy and dignified for a man, and it reminds me of baseball (Nolan Ryan)

    Emerson 7 (I'd choose a more traditional middle name though. Emerson is already an unusual name) Once again, this is appropriate for a little guy, but would work well for a grownup too, and it makes me think of Ralph Waldo Emerson, a great writer

    Sutton Grant 6 Sutton is okay, but not great in my opinion. It's a little too close to the "made-up" names that are popular now, and there is also a famous Broadway actress names Sutton Foster, so it also sounds feminine to me. Grant is an excellent name, though.

    Paxton Grant 3 This makes me think of the actor Bill Paxton, but it's really not my style at all.

    Channer 1 This sounds invented to me, so it's off-putting. I would use something a little more common, like Tanner or Channing. Neither of those is my style either, but at least I've heard something like them before.

    Kayton 1 Again, sounds invented, and also sounds feminine, since "Kate" is a girl's name. I would use something still unusual but more masculine sounding, like Cade or Kade.

    Carden 1 Same thing as Channer and Kayton, but it also makes me think of a cardigan or Pierre Cardin cologne (I know it's pronounced differently). Why not use something a little more typical like Carter?

    Tayton 1 Same thing as above, and the spelling is really off-putting. If you like this sound, you could use Tate, which while not really traditional, sounds strong and can be appropriate for both a boy or a man.

    Once again, your baby, your choice! Hope you have a happy, healthy nine months and that you enjoy your new little one.