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Scared of Post birth body!!!

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Old 07-02-12, 03:59 PM
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Red face Scared of Post birth body!!!

So I am 24 weeks pregnant tomorrow and it is my 1st child so ive never experienced the whole postpartum deal and i will admit this is my biggest fear!!! I already lack self confidence so this by far jus terrifing! I am only 20 i normally weigh around 110lbs im not muscular or underweight i was always told i am healthy by my doctor im a very weight concious person due to obesity in my family but im mostly concerned about my breasts! im a 36B only up to 38B currently with no pain or anything so im assuming they will grow after birth but the thought of flap jack boobs is jus awful to me!! i hate my boobs being the size they are id love to be a C cup but for them to sag im realizing i love them how they are now i just keep pickin fights and saying to my wonderful loving husband that hes gona find some perky breasted chick to leave me for and hes over joyed to be welcoming our son i know he wouldnt but i cant help lashing out because im so scared
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Old 07-03-12, 09:17 AM
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Get a hold of yourself woman! And congratulations on your pregnancy, you are halfway done! You have many more weeks to go and it will get crazier, so seriously, get a hold of youself! You are 20 years old and formerly a will bounce right back into the size you were! If you were 30, like me, I'd say you may have a long road ahead of you of working out and eating right, lol.

And not everyone's breasts turn into "flapjacks" after birth. I don't particularly love the way mine look now and miss my old ones once in a while, but my husband has NEVER complained and is certainly not looking for another woman. In fact, I was super excited with my pregnant boobs during our 2nd child and was so hoping they would stay that way and we had fun with them while they were there, but alas they did not stay around. I'd cool it with accusing your husband with some hair-brained notion you have came up with; that will be more damaging to your marriage that the way your boobs look after giving birth to your child!

My saggy boobs fed my children breastmilk for 9 months each. Pretty damn awesome if you ask me.
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Old 07-03-12, 03:30 PM
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Silly girl!
Boobs turn to flapjacks only if you don't give them support with a decent bra. My mom is 82 and while not as perky as she used to be, they still point in the right direction. However my sister has "flapjacks" and had them long before she ever had her child (who was not breastfed) because she didn't wear bras when she was younger.

Listen, be aware that those pregnancy hormones play havoc with our emotions. Its like PMS times 12! I'd get upset over the stupidest things. I had a crying jag when I had a dead battery and couldn't get cell phone reception in a crowded mall parking lot! 99% of what bothers you now will not matter in the least 6 months from now!

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Old 07-19-12, 06:30 PM
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I agree with the posters above; Support them with a good bra and stop worrying.
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