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caralynbuehner 06-20-16 01:41 AM

Remi or Remy, I found it unisex in this site. Giving a name to girl or baby hardly matters. Just the sound of it makes it predictable.
Check out this with spell "REMY" in site

caralynbuehner 06-20-16 01:44 AM

Hey this is the repeated thread I found, because I have already answered it before.

KandyK 07-30-16 08:15 AM

Tiara.. Hows that for a girls name?

cspringer421 07-31-16 12:01 PM

Yes,. I think Remi is a girl's name,

Stemed83 08-23-16 05:47 AM

If it is a girl, I would name Angelina.