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matiolielison5 09-01-16 03:25 AM

Remi does not sound girlish actually, but if you like it then definitely go for it.
Well my strategy for naming is its meaning, if I find its meaning worth keeping for a girl then I would go for it. Since the meaning of Remi which I found does not sound best for girls. I would suggest to choose other option.

HazelY 10-19-16 02:32 AM

Liana Elizabeth - my niece's name

RosarioCopley 08-12-17 01:30 AM

Hi Shanann. What is yor baby's name?

Tand1938 10-05-17 02:49 AM

I prefer Rachel girl name! I just love it!!

kpetty 10-09-17 08:47 PM

Remy is a girl's name as far as i know.