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Shanann 11-15-15 02:37 PM

Girl name
Can Remi be girl name

shellbell123 12-12-15 05:49 AM

I don't think so :(

annaaguirre 04-18-16 01:57 AM


It doesn't sound that good.

daileighnovember 05-01-16 05:58 PM

Any name cqn be a girl name and vice versa. People just create sounds, put them together call it words and them make them names. Do as u will. Whatever feels right to you.

Amanda04 05-24-16 10:31 AM

I like it, think it is fine as a girls name, different but not too strange. And it is up to you whats a boys name or girls name. Look at names like Ryan and Charlie. They are used on both girls and boys.