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didtbtycd 12-12-15 09:22 AM

Baby Girl Name.
We are expecting our second child (a baby girl) in 7 weeks time. And are struggling for a name. For 5months we had decided on Isabelle. But now we are loving the name Riley-Rose. Heidi-Rose was also on our list but due to our son's name beginning with a 'H' we went off it.

Any help would be amazing.

feliana86 01-27-16 09:52 PM

Tenley Rose would be very cute

meikahidenori 03-06-16 04:07 PM

let's see.... julianne, Christina, Alexandra, petra, carol, victoria, Georgie, grace, denise, zoey.... any of them useful? maybe an older name that doesnt get used much like Gwendolyn or tabbather?

isabellatryon 03-17-16 01:05 AM

Well, I think Isabelle is a cute name. :)

You can go for Scarlett. I find Scarlett Rose to be a nice name.

coachfrog 04-08-16 08:17 PM

Autumn, Cecelia