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Laney916 02-03-17 05:43 PM

Name Suggestions?
I'm editing and expanding on my list and I need some help.

Lilia/Lilija Genevieve McDonald
Paulina Rose McDonald (Nina)
Maia/Maija Elizabeth McDonald
Zoya Madeleine McDonald
Stephanie Alessandra McDonald
Geneva Katherine Rose McDonald (Evie)
Irēna Judith McDonald
Vera Josephine McDonald
Katarina Rose McDonald
Noelle Katherine McDonald - Not sure of this one.
Thea Rose McDonald
Arielle Jade McDonald - I'm not really crazy about Jade so I'm looking for something else. I hate Marie, Lynn, Grace, and Faith too.
Annika Mireille McDonald
Fiona Audrey McDonald
Vada Elizabeth McDonald
Xanthe Rose McDonald
Susanna/Zuzanna Audrey McDonald
Zaida Ruby McDonald
Nadia Mireille McDonald
Aislinn Jane McDonald
Evelina Rose McDonald (Evie)
Tessa Caroline McDonald - Love this one, but concerned about Tessa's popularity.
Daphne Rebecca McDonald
Maeve Alexandra McDonald
Magnolia Jane McDonald (Maggie)
Aviana Mae McDonald (Avi) - maybe add something else on to Mae or use an entirely different middle?
Gabrielle Rose McDonald
Estrella Madeleine McDonald
Anneliese Claire McDonald - does Claire flow okay? This name is a difficult one to pair up.
Erica Rose McDonald
Calla Vivian McDonald
Ksenia/Ksenija Violet McDonald
Lyra Natalie McDonald
Cassia Noelle McDonald
Seren ____________ McDonald

I also love Phoebe, Niamh/Neve, Michaela/Mikaela, Lorelei, Giselle (love it as a FN or MN), Catriona/Caitriona, Karenna, and Seraphina. Middle names I'm considering are Valerie, Amelia, Victoria, Audrey, Caroline, Aurora, Athena, Julia, Vivian, Kimberly (a family friend's daughter), Ivy, Melody, Leilani, Rebecca, Vanessa, April (after a family friend), Janet (my mom)/Jean (paternal grandmother. Her name was Regina but she went by Jean or Jeannie. Jean is fine as a MN too), Astrid, or Carys (I love it as a first name, but one of my cousins is Kara which sounds too close so it'll have to be in the middle).

Eamon Francis McDonald
Rhys Alfred McDonald
Lachlan Elliot McDonald
Ronan Jesse McDonald
Dmitri James McDonald
Alton Gregory McDonald
Damon Merritt McDonald - Not sure.
Andrejs Benjamin McDonald
Abram Vincent McDonald
Ephraim Zachary McDonald - ??
Conrad Jensen/James McDonald - Jensen is growing on me. Do the middle names work together when combined or should I just go with one or the other? Conrad is growing on me as well. I don't love it, but it's not bad.
Cassius Bryan/Brian McDonald - Debating between spelling Bryan or Brian.
Henriks Joseph Dylan McDonald (Erik, Hank, Hal)
Stellan Bradley McDonald
Dario ___________ McDonald - I just can't think of anything.

I'm considering Raphael (FN or MN), Konstantin (as a MN. It's pronounced like Constantine), Ira (as a MN), Rory, Salvatore (MN), Hiro (It's Japanese, so not the same as Hero, but pronounced the same), Tennyson (MN, but not completely opposed to it as a FN), Magnus (MN), Lorenzo (MN. I worry that it's getting too popular for a FN), or Vincenzo.

Feel free to match up some of my ideas for the girls' and boys' names and make more suggestions. I prefer classics and international variations of classic names (Irish, Latvian, and Scottish especially), maybe a bit unusual. Gender specific is a must and preferably nothing in the top 200 (if it is, no top 100's or rapidly rising names. I hesitated to keep Tessa and Thea on the list because they are both gaining. I'm just not ready to drop them right now because I really like them. Waiting for the ssa website to release the names for 2016), creatively spelled, trendy like Harper, Harlow, Mason, or Jayden, or obviously made up.

Alessandra is pronounced AH-less-ahn-dra.
Irēna is pronounced Ih-ree-na.
Mireille is Meer-AY.
Xanthe is ZAN-thee.
Aislinn is ASH-lin.
Estrella is Es-STRAY-ah.
Ksenia/Ksenija is something close to Ka-sen-ya. The Ks is pronounced almost like it's one syllable though.
Lyra is Leer-ah. LIE-ra is okay too, but I prefer the softer -ee sound to prevent people from calling the kid 'liar'.
Seren is Seh-REN, like Serenity, but without the ending.
Andrejs is like the Spanish Andres.
Abram is AH-bram.
Cassius is CASS-ee-us.
Dario is DAR-ee-oh.

DarlaSmallwood 04-22-17 01:38 AM

Fiona is such a good name.

RosarioCopley 08-12-17 01:28 AM

Athena, is such a good name.