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1/3 of Moms Don't breastfeed for as long as they say they will

1/3 of Moms Don't breastfeed for as long as they say they will

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  • Elizabeth Elizabeth's Avatar 06-05-12 | 02:22 PM
  • Quote

    The World Health Organization and the American Academy of Pediatrics recommend that mothers breast-feed exclusively (only breast milk and medications or micronutrient supplements, but no other liquids or solids) for about the first 6 months of their infant’s life. Studies have shown that most mothers in the U.S. do not exclusively breast-feed their infants for six months, but little was known about how long mothers had planned to breast-feed. In a new study, “Baby-Friendly Hospital Practices and Meeting Exclusive Breastfeeding Intention,” in the July 2012 Pediatrics (published online June 4), researchers at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention surveyed pregnant women about their intentions for exclusive breast-feeding and then followed up with monthly surveys over the next year. The study authors found 85 percent of mothers who planned to exclusively breast-feed intended to do so for three months or longer. However, only 32.4 percent of mothers exclusively breast-fed for as long as they intended. Mothers who were married and who already had a previous baby were more likely to breast-feed as long as they had planned. Other factors that improved the chances a mother would meet her goals included beginning breast-feeding within an hour of birth and not being given supplemental formula feedings or pacifiers in the hospital. Mothers who were obese, smoked or had a longer intended breast-feeding duration were less likely to meet their intention. Study authors conclude that increasing Baby-Friendly Hospital practices, particularly giving only breast milk in the hospital, may help more mothers breast-feed for as long as they intend.
    Any thoughts? how long did you breastfeed for?
  • Dopey406 Dopey406's Avatar 06-05-12 | 04:40 PM
  • It's a shame that more women aren't spported to exclusively breastfeed for longer. Despite some incredible hurdles with our second and third children, I feel good about the length of time I was able to stick with it.

    Child #1: 13 months
    Child #2: 18 months
    Child #3: 24 months
Thank you Dopey406!
Tracey and Neil (06-06-12)
  • Tracey and Neil Tracey and Neil's Avatar 06-06-12 | 03:26 AM
  • I never intended to breastfeed. I bought a very expensive pump and was going to exclusively pump. However, DD latched on during skin-to-skin time and, despite lots of challenges, the rest is history!

    I think hospital practices, antenatal care and laws about formula marketing need to change before the results of these kinds of studies will. There are far too many of 'Booby Traps' to breastfeeding.
  • Chickie Chickie's Avatar 06-06-12 | 07:14 AM
  • I breastfed Adrianna for a year. I wasn't really sure going in how long it would last, but once I gave birth I knew it was the right choice for us.
  • Elizabeth Elizabeth's Avatar 06-06-12 | 08:30 AM
  • I agree.. there is not enough support for those wanting to breastfeed.
    I breastfed with no set plan for how long.

    #1 Child: 18 months
    #2 child: 9 months - not my choice, she didn't want to anymore

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