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1 feeding dropped,

1 feeding dropped,

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  • montanachic montanachic's Avatar 12-20-04 | 04:13 PM
  • 2 more to go

    Ryland and I just weaned the before bed nursing session at night.
    It was a little sad but tonight will be the 6th night and he is doing fine. He cries for less than a minute and I tell him mommy loves him. It seemed to be the easiest one since he still nurses to sleep at naptime and the morning one is like his morning
    he just needs it to kick start his day.

    I'll give him some time before I try to wean anymore.
    How is it going with you Tracy?
  • Bethann73 Bethann73's Avatar 12-20-04 | 04:16 PM


    I am looking forward to weaning and kind of not. It's a bittersweet transition..
  • :domesticgoddess: :domesticgoddess:'s Avatar 12-20-04 | 06:29 PM
  • WOW! That's great!! I swear Mia is nursing more since I began trying to wean her

    I think that Mia's night night "nummy nummy" will be the absolute hardest to quit. She loves to nurse to sleep while holding her Daddy's hand.

    I'm still working at it though and I know eventually she will give it up.
  • jeljelbean jeljelbean's Avatar 12-23-04 | 02:39 AM

    That's great Kristin
    If I were going to drop one it would also be the last one before bed. She can go to sleep fine w/o it, I'm the one who isn't ready to stop yet.