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20 tips for getting breastfeeding right

20 tips for getting breastfeeding right

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  • Sheeeva Sheeeva's Avatar 12-19-03 | 04:53 PM
  • 1. Remember that you need Patience, Practice and Perseverance.

    2. Learn from moms who also are breastfeeding. Share books, articles and tips. Contact you local La Leche League if you are having a problem.

    3. Get the latch right in the first days, this is when the rooting, sucking and swallowing reflexes are the strongest and can cause more "damage". Be patient, if you get frustrated your baby will pick up on it and become tense as well.

    4. Massage your breasts at least once a day. This is done best while bathing or showering.

    5. There is no "let-down" reflex, it's simply a figure of speech for the surge of hormones that get released while your baby is nursing. This is why just thinking about nursing can trigger the milk flow.

    6. Get comfortable when you are nursing your baby, feet on the floor and back straight. If you have a rocking chair - even better.

    7. You are going to spend lots of time breastfeeding your baby so make it fun! Cherish those moments as moments of extra rest.

    8. Have something nice for you to do or eat while you are nursing. (i.e. a nice magazine or a cup of tea or just a chocolate you enjoy.)

    9. Learn to be comfortable feeding your baby where-ever you may be. If you cannot find a private spot to breastfeed while out in public, cover yourself and your baby with a blanket or a shawl. (Not that I'm saying you should be ashamed of breastfeeding, just that some moms prefer to have some privacy.)

    10. Don't skip feeds - it can lead to engorgement and this can cause problems.

    11. Breastfeeding burns an extra 1600 - 4000 kJ every day and it causes you to lose a lot of fluid. Be sure to compensate by eating well and drinking lots of water.

    12. Drink 1 tspn of debittered molasses dissolved in one cup of boiling water every morning. It's supposed to be excellent for iron, potassium and calcium.

    13. Don't ignore problems and hope that they'll simply go away.

    14. Remember that breastfeeding is not a chore - it's a labour of love. Every mouthful of milk that you provide for your baby is full of natural immunity, nourishment and love. Breastfeeding is an extension of pregnancy - you are nourishing and helping your child to grow. What greater reward can there be than seeing your child growing big and healthy on what you are providing?

    15. Never stop feeding on a whim. If you are having problems and start thinking of quitting, take a week to think about it before you actually start taking the steps to wean.

    16. Relax. Let your baby be your guide on when and how often to feed. Don't stress about routine in the early days.

    17. Wear a comfortable bra, day and night. Have yourself professionally measured to ensure that your bra is the correct size for your breasts.

    18. If you're going to go back to work it will probably be worth your while to buy an electric breast pump. And remember that going back to work is no reason to stop breastfeeding.

    19. Cooled cabbage leaves are excellent for treating painful and engorged breasts. Leave the cabbage in the fridge and when you need the leaves, break two off, roll over them with a rolling pin and put them in your bra to soothe your breasts.

    20. Every mother and baby team is unique - what works for you may not work for someone else. As long as your baby is picking up weight and is healthy don't let outside opinions affect your little team. Mom definitely knows best!

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  • jeljelbean jeljelbean's Avatar 12-19-03 | 11:42 PM

    That is great info for first time moms!

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