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sounds like you have had some realizations.

she's not your little baby anymore and she is growing up.
8 months is definately time to be transitioning to a more 'normal' food/eating habit.
both my kids were at 3 meals a day by then.

Nursing till 14 months or whatever doesn't mean they eat ONLY mother's milk. It means that when they would want their milk, ... they nurse to get it. Yes, that means they're usually down to 3-4 sessions a day.

What your mother is doing is wrong. Very wrong. She needs to do what YOU tell her she needs to do and not undermind your parenting. But you do need to make sure that you're awake and are setting everyone up for success too.

I would insist that my children ONLY have 3 meals a day at that age and a small snack of cheerios or something mid-morning and afternoon. Yes, I'd be starting watered down juice 2x a day for their snacks.

I don't let my children graze. They eat at scheduled times and that's that. If that's how you want your family set up, then that's what you need to make happen. If you're okay with 'grazing', then you can allow yourself (and your mom) to just feed when they ask. But to me, that's just not a very healthy way of doing it.
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Thank you skyqueen!
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Originally Posted by imagine
my ds started solids at 6 months but it was just a tablespoon of rice cereal a day if that and then I started stage one and he just did not care to eat much. at 12 months he still had days that he only wanted to nurse all day and it's no big deal because breast milk has more nutrient then any other food out there. and so for the fist year and sometimes a little longer it is ok to not have a schedule time or even a certain amount of solids because for that first year solids should really be considered as an addition to, but not a supplement for breast milk or formula. I got all the this information and lots more from the Doctor Sears website. He is a very well know pediatrician along with some of his other family members and he has great advice for everything. Here is a link with his advice for when and how to start solids. It has great tips for when, what, and how to start solids.


I was going to say the same thing. Before the age of 1 they should be getting most of their calories and nutrition from BM or formula. The food thing at this point is in the introductory phase. I am not saying don't have a schedule for feeding her but don't feel like she needs to be getting most of her "food" from solids. She is growing up, but remember she is only 8 months old.
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Thank you Valleygirl!
MrsS1stbaby (02-27-09)
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