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Oh sweetie - this is SO hard!
I really recommend a couple of things. Number 1, DON'T GIVE UP if possible. Maybe give her a bottle of formula once a day to help her start gaining weight, but in the meantime, PUMP and continue to nurse. I know it's so hard with such sore nipples, but to make that milk come in, you must continue to stimulate them as much as possible. Drink TONS, which I know you already know, eat oatmeal (cookies, cereal, granola - whatever you can get your hands on) and drink Mother's Milk tea (it has Fenugreek and Fennel in it). She was a little bit early so she is going to have some issues, but in a week or two she will extend that tongue well enough I think. I'm so sorry because I well know that frustration of the first weeks, but I do think she is going to be ok. Also remember that your stress about this hurts your milk supply. You need as much rest and relaxation as is possible with two little ones. I'll say a prayer that you are able to make this work!
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Thanks, ladies. Well, after a heartbreaking day of complete indecision, I just couldn't do it...I couldn't give her formula. So we're still on the bf'ing track. I'm just not ready to give up yet--dry, cracked, bleeding nipples or not!!

I started taking full fenugreek supplements last night and I'm still pumping away between feedings. Charlotte is slowly, but I think surely, learning a proper latch. I'm using the supplemental nursing system (the thing that Erin--emg92702--was talking about) when necessary to feed her EBM and to finger feed/tongue-train her as well. But I'm working on putting her to the breast as often as she asks (every two hours still--three at night!) and drinking loads of water. I'm making my oatmeal cookies tonight and trying to relax as much as possible with two little ones in the house!

I knew I could come here for support--Thanks ladies!!
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Deanna, I'm so glad things are going at least a little bit better! I hope it continues in such a positive way! You're doing an awesome job!

I did think of one other thing. When I first had Ava, my nipples got so sore, cracked and bleeding too that I had to use a nipple shield while I was nursing her for several days to allow myself to heal a little. Two things happened. First, it did allow me to heal. Second, it seemed a lot easier for Ava to latch onto and nurse with the nipple shield than without. For us, that was more of a problem than a good thing, because when I was healed enough to go back to putting her directly on my breast, I had to wean her from the use of the shield, but if you'd be willing to put up with potentially having to wean her from using it, a nipple shield might be helpful for you and Charlotte right now.
Just a thought!

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Yup, give those nipple shields a try.

They really do work wonders, and once you heal, you can go back to just the breast!
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keep up the good work, I hope it gets better soon.
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