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Question How long

How long did you breastfeed or express? Do you wish you would've went longer? Did you have a certain amount of time that you were determined to do it for? What made you stop when you did?
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With my first son Josh, I nursed/expressed for 4 months, and then I stopped because my supply went WAY down, and he was used to formula as he was getting that in addition to breastmilk because of my low supply.

With Xavier (my newborn), he's only 2 weeks old, and Im hoping to nurse/express breastmilk until he's one year old, providing I can keep my supply up!
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I nursed my first DD until she was 13 months and weaned because we weren't successful in TTC #2 (I was pregnant one month after weaning). I nursed my second DD until 18 months and weaned for the same reason with the same result (but we lost that baby and the next four

So far, Alex is 10 months old and still going strong. I'll nurse him as long as he'll go (within reason, of course) because we don't plan to have any more children.
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I nursed my first baby exclusively until about 5 months, and then nursed with supplemental formula because I went back to work. I wanted to try for my next baby and used fertility treatments, so we weaned at around 9 months.

With baby #2, I did the same kind of thing early on but then at about 6 months he got his first tooth and never did learn not to bite the crap out of my nipples. So around 7 months I weaned him.

With this baby I plan to nurse the 9 months, although we will supplement with formula when I go back to work. On one hand this is our last baby so it will be bittersweet but on the other I breastfeed because it's good for the baby, not because I personally got anything out of it. It's painful for me.
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I exclusively nursed for 5.5 months and supplemented/nursed for another month... I ultimately quit because I had horrible trouble with pumping (I never let down to the pump even when I was as full as could be) so my supply started decreasing drastically when I went back to work even though I only missed 2 feedings while at work... and I pumped 4-5 times a night if possible... I couldn't keep up with her. I started out not wanting to nurse at all... and did it for pure convience for myself and fell in love with it.... I was very upset and felt like I had failed when I had to quit. I would definitly breastfeed another in a heartbeat for as long as they will....
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