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  • Asenath74 Asenath74's Avatar 06-16-05 | 08:38 AM
  • Hi,
    Had our first baby last week via section. I want to exclusively bf but we had issues. First it was latching, then sucking. She seemed to be getting the hang of it and her diapers were good. Then last night from 730 on she's been nonstop. Won't let me put her down to sleep, shows signs of wanting to eat but then pulls away from the breast. Doesn't seem to have a fever or gas. I'm out of ideas. I know babies sometimes just need to cry but it's breaking my heart to listen to her (dh has her right now and I'm in a different part of the house and can still hear her). We've been offering breast for 10 minutes, if she doesn't take it I pump and we cup feed her (instructions upon leaving the hospital). But last night she was so crazy and I had such little sleep I didn't pump, just kept offering breast. Probably wasn't the smartest thing but I've never seen her like this. She fell asleep on my chest for a few hours this morning but she's back at crying and pulling away from the breast. Any ideas? Oh, she was 9.1 at birth and on the docs on Tues she was 8.5 (which is what she weighed when we left the hospital).
  • Sheri Sheri's Avatar 06-16-05 | 09:45 AM
  • Oh Annmarie I'm not sure what to say as I'm hardly an expert on breastfeeding myself. It sounds very similar to what I'm going through every evening but for us it's usually just a gas issue or a "cluster feeding" issue. I've even tried supplementing with formula, which worked a few times, but Nicholas has totally refused the last two bottles that I've offered him. So I just keep nursing and burping until he's full and falls asleep.

    Maybe Rhianon is going through a growth spurt? The nurse told me to expect the first around 7-10 days? I'm sorry that I'm not able to offer better advice but I'm sure the ladies on this board will be able to help you.
  • Dopey406 Dopey406's Avatar 06-16-05 | 10:23 AM
  • If her diapers are good, then she's probably getting enough. There's no better pump than your baby, so I think it's wise to keep putting her to the breast as often as she'll take it. If you're concerned about her weight (we just went through that with Charlotte who is 3 months now), you could use a Supplemental Nursing System.

    I used it with Charlotte with EBM to help her gain more steadily and get out of the woods. We had a latch problem, a tongue problem, as well as a hindered supply problem because of a chemical issue with me, so I've been through the wringer with this little one.

    It WILL get better, but perseverence is key. Keep drinking lots of water and putting her to the breast as often as she needs it. I know it's exhausting; I fed Charlotte every 30-60 min until she was nearly 5 weeks old, so I know how tiring it can be. Hang in there. Please feel free to PM or email me if you have questions or just need a word of encouragment.
  • Asenath74 Asenath74's Avatar 06-16-05 | 01:32 PM
  • Thanks ladies! I was sooo tired when I wrote that this morning. Plus I think I'm a little post partum (just the blues, nothing serious) and worrying about her. My dh pretty much nailed it when he said to me "you're exhausted and looking for an excuse to give her formula". He's right, I was just so tired and wanted her to sleep and be ok but she did take a nap this morning, ate and pumped and she's down again. I'm thinking too maybe I'm not eating or drinking enough. Dh mentioned that too so I'm going to up my food and water intake. I think part of it is just nerves and wanting to do what's best for her. I'm off to nap and hopefully will get some rest in before her next feeding. I know you'll be hearing from me again! Thanks again!
  • ethanandsydsmom ethanandsydsmom's Avatar 06-16-05 | 01:33 PM
  • You poor thing. I know firsthand how hard it is to recover from a c-sec, and have to be up all night with a baby.

    Have you tried giving her gas drops? I know you said she didn't have gas, but sometimes they can calm a stomach upset. It wouldn't hurt to give her some and see.

    They are so hard as infants, they can't tell you what they need or what is wrong. I understand feeding every 60 min also, did that with my daughter.

    You will probably just have to try a few different things to see what helps.

    Do you think she has Colic? I hope not for your sake.

    Hang in there, the first 6 weeks are the hardest, it gets better after that.