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Default Need to pump?

Michael has had a cold for about a week and has started having trouble nursing because of his congestion. I woke up engorged today and pumped so he would not have such a difficult time eating. Should I be pumping to maintain supply since he is eating less? My instinct is yes, but I figured I would ask the btdt moms. I was at the peds office this morning and forgot to ask-they have no power or phones (until Wednesday according to the utility company) so I can't call and ask them unless I call the emergency number.
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If you've ever had any supply issues, I'd say pump. In those instances for me, I don't, because (thank goodness) I have never had any supply issues and my body does a great job of making enough milk for the baby. I also am very busty which I also think makes a difference.
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Thank you 3Princes!
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If he usually eats for say 20 mins each time, but since he has been sick only eats for about 10 mins, then yes I would pump for another 10-15 mins after he is done. I know it's hard & exhausting, but I did have a problem with supply, I think I took too many breaks, lol!
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Thank you MrsS1stbaby!
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I agree- being an exclusive pumper any change in demand can result in change in supply. And, you wouldn't want your supply to go down now! The first 12 weeks is KEY for developing supply- if it was later it might not be a problem. I know it is a pain, but it would probably be better in the long run not to chance it.
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Thank you Mark'sbabygirl!
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I would pump any time your engorged for sure and maybe anytime he skipped a feeding also!
What I would do with Lincoln is put him in the bathroom with the hot shower running to make a steam room to help with the congestion and maybe even nurse him in the steam if it helps.
good luck hope he's feeling better and nursing more soon!

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Thank you imagine!
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