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Default Poor latch

OK, so Michael has been a great nurser from the start and he is gaining and sleeping well so I know he is getting enough. He has started having issues on one side where he doesn't latch well and lets go while eating. He is also making a slurpy noise while nursing on that side which I know is a sign of a poor latch. He is ripping me apart and getting very gassy as a result. He doesn't have this issue on the other side.
I had to pump today and I noticed that on that side the flow was much faster and I got twice as much milk as the side he likes.
Could his issue be from a forceful let down? When he lets go I am practically drowning him in milk too, so maybe that is it?
Any advice?
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You could try a different position? I know the football position works well when you have a forceful let down.
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Thank you Jen_C!
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It's hard to say... you could also have been fuller because he's not nursing as well over there. Since this happened to me, I'd also be curious about his ears, especially the one that's in the "down" position when you nurse. Brady and all my other kids all preferred the same breast, which is/was the one that is the bigger producer and the fastest letdown.
I almost always use the football hold. Good luck.
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Thank you 3Princes!
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I too have forceful let down, and had all kinds of problems, including Kara changing her latch, coughing and spluttering at every feed and then going on nursing strike. I was told by a LC to express until the let-down has passed and then nurse, or nurse up-hill in a 'biological nurturing' position. Kara has never really changed her latch though, but my poor nipples eventually adjusted.

Eventually Kara got the hang of the fast flow, and she now actually gets very impatient waiting for the bucket of milk to come. Sometimes she just sucks until let down, and then lays there letting it pour into her mouth and swallows when it fills up!! LOL! Lazy girl!!

I hope things improve for you very soon
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Thank you Tracey and Neil!
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it's normal for babies to favor one side over the other and it's also normal for one side to make more milk and be slightly bigger. but usually it's the side that the baby nurses the best on. I would just keep at it and don't worry to much because babies will figure it out on their own most the time, and learn when and how to deal with the letdown. before long he will be a pro and even know how to make the letdown come when she wants it.
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Thank you imagine!
teddybear1082 (03-10-10)
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