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Reduction in milk

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  • ~babywanted~ ~babywanted~'s Avatar 12-07-04 | 06:06 PM
  • My breasts seem to have shrunk
    I've never been really big, but I don't get engorged if I go long periods without feeding. Is this normal? I bf exclusive and for the past few days I hardly get anything when I pump
    I do think my water intake hasn't been adequate so I am focusing on that now.
  • loveslife 12-08-04 | 12:40 PM
  • I feel like a month or so ago I had this issue. I bf exclusive too.
    I ate oatmeal and drank h2o, still didn't have the engorgement
    problem but letdown occured sooner and my supply seemed to
    be fine. Pumps never worked for me so I can't help w/that.
    Is it getting better now that you upped your h2o intake?
    I say celebrate the no engorgement as long as your supply is good
  • pheebe pheebe's Avatar 12-08-04 | 01:28 PM
  • I found as the months progressed that I got engorged less and less. It used to be that I could really tell if I was full, but now for all I can tell there's nothing there yet when Audrey nurses I can hear her swallowing, gulp, gulp, gulp like there's loads of milk flowing. I think our breasts just get more efficient with time and becoming matched to baby's needs.
  • montanachic montanachic's Avatar 12-08-04 | 01:47 PM
  • I think its pretty normal, mine did that after a few months also, they were still bigger than normal but had shrunk alot and I felt like there wasn't much, however I'd hear him gulping and see it dribble out the side of his mouth. pumps are not a good way to tell especially after a couple of months. I'd say to keep drinking more and more water and try oatmeal, chances are there is more there than you think. I am going on 22 months of bf and mine are almost nonexistent now
    it amazes me to see milk still come out of them and I haven't gotten engorged in months. Keep up the good work, and its good to see you by the way, I remember you.
  • :domesticgoddess: :domesticgoddess:'s Avatar 12-10-04 | 01:46 PM
  • It's normal once your milk supply has learned the demand. You're actually just meeting your baby's needs well now. If your baby starts nursing more frequently, don't panic either. Babies have growth spurts and they nurse more often to build the supply. It will seem like you can't fill him up, but actually he's just building your supply!