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Question Transition from bf'ing to milk?

I hoping to be done nursing by 13 months so I was just wondering what's the best way to transition from nursing to drinking whole milk? My little guy won't take a bottle (I've tried many different nipples/brands and he won't do it). He also doesn't take most sippy cups. He somewhat drinks out of the take and toss sippy cups, but doesn't drink much.

He is nursing 3 times a day and usually twice during the night. I was going to start working on the night nursing, but I figured we're almost to 12 months so I wanted to wait until I was going to stop nursing him.

Any thoughts or suggestions?
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I would keep offering water in a sippy cup. You might try the Gerber cups that have a lid with a sippy spout but no valve, so they don't have to suck to get the liquid out. My DD never took a bottle and the whole idea of a sippy cup and needing to suck from it didn't click with her. Once he has the drinking thing down start introducing the milk.

I also wanted to say don't panic if he isn't drinking all the milk you think he should be drinking right out the gate. DD never took to cow's milk, just doesn't like it. Her dr said that so many foods are calcium fortified now a days and if he will eat cheese and yogurt and such then he will be covered.

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Thank you Valleygirl!
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I havenít weaned DS yet but I have read a few things and they say to start dropping the nursing times one at a time starting with the least favorites and then when they are down to only nursing at nap and bed times to work on them because those are the favorites and hardest to break. I am hopping my son will self wean but I am going to night wean him and once he is no longer nursing during the night and is sleeping through the night I might get him to cut back a bit more during the day.
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Thank you imagine!
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Melanie said everything I was thinking, definatly try him with sippy cups that arn't spill proof (take the valve out) none of my 3 kids could use them, they just didn't realize they had to suck on them, and they are harder to suck on then you think (I had a pedatrition tell me to try and use them my self so I realized the amount of sucking they had to do, this was when DD#1 wouldn't take a cup)

Congrats on getting to your goal
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Thank you MImom23!
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One trick we did was to offer expressed milk in cups and slowly mix in the whole milk. It worked well especially for going to day care. A few days of mixed that transitioned to just whole milk.

We did use sippy cups that weren't completely spill proof - that helped the progress
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