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I understand that, I don't really have time to bf, let alone pump.
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Danie, I started off pumping every 2 hours for the first coupke of weeks and was only getting a coupke of ounces. My LC told me I was actually pumping too much and she was right! I gradually cut back to every 3 hours, then 4 hours and my supply went up! Now I pump 4x/day and get 5-10oz per session. Try cutting back a bit and see what happens.
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well, I think you know my answer.
No. Not at all.

Pumping takes alot of time, and there was no time for me to spend sitting down 'relaxing' so that I could actually get a let down that often.

I just said forget it. It totally wasn't worth the stress doing all that pumping once I went to work. I did pump when I was still at home and had the time and knew that I was full first thing in the AM (cuz the kids would have missed a midnight feeding as they were starting to sleep thru the night) but that was it.

I'm pro BFing, I think it's what nature intended. But nature also intended us to use our brains and use our superior reasoning skills. Nature did not intend for us to go to work and leave a baby with a daycare provider. So, when we change the rules of nature... we need to realize that that means we change a whole string of things with just one change.

The babies do great on formula -- so nurse as long as you can -- and when it's simply too draining. Don't. (no pun intended
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Froglegs, I was told that if you feed ur baby every 2 hours, then u should pump every 2 hours if youre not with her. I also heard the more you pump the more of a supply you will have. Hmmm...its very interesting that the LC told you this. When I started getting lazy, I did start doing it every 3 hours, but went back to 2 1/2 b/c thats what I was told.
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I am not sure but I think that is for in the beginning when you are trying to establish your supply. I exclusively pump also and have been for almost 6 months now. I only pump 4 times a day - the same number of times by baby eats. I usually pump about 10 oz at 8 am, 6 oz at 1 pm, 6 oz at 6 pm, and 5 oz at 10 pm. But I know what you mean about supplementing. After being sick and AF returning my supply decreased a little and I have been falling about 3-4 oz short of my son's needs. So I have been mixing an oz of formula in each bottle. He is still getting almost all EBM so I feel like it is still well worth it. And then when we do decide to make the transition to formula, he will have already been exposed to it. I hope that helps!
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