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you guys probably already told me, but i forgot

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Old 02-07-08, 12:51 AM
OMG! I have 3 kids!
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Default you guys probably already told me, but i forgot

sorry guys. mommy brain.

i have stopped pumping completely. but, i do want to start up sometime to start stocking up. when do you recommend doing that? i dont go back to work until May.

also, should i pump during the day (when i go back to work) to keep up my supply? i dont know how the heck i am going to do that...especially if i am not alone in the car

im thinking i will have to stop back at the department and go into the locker room...but i dont know how practical that is going to be. my goal is to nurse her for an entire year.

thanks guys.
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Old 02-07-08, 02:16 AM
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it's all up to you. if you're determined to do that, I'd probably get in the habit of pumping now.
The whole reason I quit nursing when I went back to work was because pumping was a MAJOR pain for me and I just didn't have the time to be perfectly honestly to stop and pump so darn often.

When you get back to work
You'll find that you'll be needing to pump at the 'normal nursing times' and you still won't be pumping enough milk for the demand - pumping just doesn't stimulate the milk production the way the actual baby does.

so you'll have to find EXTRA times to sit down and pump on top of the regular 2-3 hour intervals.
This is where your freezer supply will help. Because ultimately, you won't be able to keep up, and you'll have to dip into that excess supply to make it to a year.

Of course, when you're at home and not at work (after you've gone back to work) you can nurse as usual.
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Old 02-07-08, 02:49 AM
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holly i was just wondering this tonight.. i plan to do the same thing....
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Old 02-07-08, 03:27 AM
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Holly, what do you do for a living, and what is your normal day like? I think I remember that you're in police work - so does that mean you're on patrol in the car all day?

I returned to work when Marek was six months old, and I had been pumping once a day (after he went to bed for the night) from the time he was 4 weeks old. I used some of this for times when dh was watching him and needed to feed him while I was out, but I had a nice stockpile. (BTW, your milk is only good in a regular fridge freezer for 3 months).

When I returned to work, he was only nursing five times a day (10 am, noon, 2pm, 4pm and bedtime). I pumped at 10am and 2pm, and went to daycare to nurse him at lunch time. I have some travel at work, so there were some days I was pumping in airport bathrooms, in the backseat of a car while traveling from airport to dealer with a (male) colleage
, in the airport parking lot, etc. I've got to say, it was much easier to keep up when I was in the office. Even so, I ended up losing most of my supply four months after I returned to work, and had to put him on formula for the last two months of his first year
I think the thing that helped me nurse him as long as I did was the lunchtime session where I nursed him myself. Babies are so much more efficient than even the best pump.

One thing that really hurt me was that I wasn't as consistent with my pumping sessions as he got older. I got a bit complacent, and sometimes I'd get busy and put a session off for an hour or skip the afternoon session. As your baby gets older and starts eating solids, you stop feeling as uncomfortable if you don't pump, and I let myself get sloppy and lazy.

So my advice is this:
1) Figure out your plan in advance. If you're in the car all day, are there times a few times during the day that you can take a break and pump (maybe in the backseat if you don't have a perp in the car
)? Maybe talk to your supervisor for suggestions on how you can make it work. Perhaps they can temporarily put you on a desk job until you're ready to wean? Is your beat anywhere near your day care, so you could pop by and feed Lola in person?

2) Be disciplined. You should be pumping three times a day for at least 15-20 minutes each time. I personally didn't get a lot of milk at each session, so I was pumping for 30 minutes at a pop. My employer was really supportive and didn't give me a problem about taking the extra time. Some ladies get a TON in 15 minutes, though.

3) Starting pumping once a day (or more, if you can swing it) now to build a stockpile. I did have to dip into it here and there, and it's really nice to have 20+ bags of milk in the freezer just in case.

4) Be kind to yourself. You can make every effort to make it work, but sometimes you don't have full control over the situation. I was VERY upset when I couldn't keep up with Marek any more and had to wean him at 10 months. Just keep in mind that bfing Lola at all is giving her a great start. If going back to work shortens your bfing relationship, try not to be too upset.

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Old 02-07-08, 04:08 PM
OMG! I have 3 kids!
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oh, boy. i just got all teary when i read your post biggest fear is that i wouldnt be able to supply enough milk once i go back to work.

yes, I work in law enforcement and before i became pregnant, i worked the grave shift 1030pm-630am with a male partner. we switch partners every monthly rotation, but i have no problem whipping it out and pumping while sitting next to my partner :laugh:
i dont know who will watch Lola yet...that is another source of upset for me. we are not assigned is first come first serve in if you are running late, you will get the crap end and work beat 99 which is about an hour and half each direction.
i havent talked to my brass yet. i have a bunch of older men who are my superiors, so i wonder how that will be. even if they are the most supportive, who knows if i will be at the jail, or at a crash or in the middle of god knows where and then it is time to pump. i wouldnt be able to do it until i've cleared.

i will start pumping now to get a stock pile. i will try not to get too upset about weaning her soon...but, i am already feeling guilty about going back to work. financially, it is the wisest decision for me to do that. but, it is heartbreaking.

the only desk job that i could do is the same one that i did when i first found out i was pg and my superiors wanted me off the road..that is the AWO which stands for Autopsy Witness Officer. whenever there are crashes, an officer has to be present at that said person's autopsy so that they can do the report for a fatality. i will have to check into that to see if the orginal officer that works this detail is back at work yet.

thank you for the tips!

oh, and one more thing...when you were feeding Marek with a bottled breastmilk, did he have a hard time latching to you at night? did the bottle give him nipple confusion?

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