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Great list!! I sat trying to remember as many as possible of the things on that list today whilst feeding Katie in a quiet corner of the Ikea cafe
I think either I'm being incredibly discreet and no-ones realising that I'm doing more than cuddling her (I do only wear nursing tops when out and about), or I bristle too when NIP as I've yet to have anyone complain to me. I'm not normally argumentative but I'd just Love someone to Dare to complain! Mind you we Brits do have a reputation for generally not being great complainers.

My take is if Katie is hungry, I'll find somewhere discreet to feed her. If there's a "feeding room" I'll use it subject to a Comfy chair being available - Unless it's also the changing room, in which case I Won't use it to feed in. I don't eat in the loo, so why should she! A lot of the other mums I know locally have commented on how brave I must be to just get on with NIP like I do. But Mum used to, my sister used to, so to me I guess it's just the norm and nothing amazing or unusual
I sincerely hope that Katie grows up to feel the same way. (There are pictures of me "nursing" my dolls as a tot
) I had to laugh to myself when attending parenting classes for the first time, I sat right opposite the Health Visitor leading the class, Katie decided right off it was food time, so I was like ok I dare any other mum here to complain. Within 5 mins the other two fussy (and older than K) babies present were no longer trying to be pacified, but were also being NIP'd

I actually feel like cheering if I spot any other mum NIP. My mum has told me she goes and praises any woman she spots NIP, she's not backwards about being forwards is mum
Age of baby is irrelevant to me - the Mum knows best & baby should come first as far as I'm concerned, who the hell am I or anyone else to intervene?! It makes me so cross that any adult couldn't be adult enough to put their personal prejudices aside over a baby's needs.

Feeding in front of all my in-laws was actually more nerve-wracking for me at first than NIP, but I'm the first to b'feed in dh's family for 60 years and they all weren't quite sure how to react to me nursing around them, so I felt a little pressured to get it right straight off in front of them. Now I'm relaxed about it though and they are too. I just had to grit my teeth and break that barrier down.
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Ooh, I love that list!
I think I should post it as a sticky!
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Well, I stole this from somewhere and can't claim credit for it, bt, am glad to have you post it as a sticky since I stand by all 100 -- although I'd prioritize them differently.
Go for it!
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People are too concerned about what fits the norm. I nurse in public anytime he needs it. Yes, he's only 8 mo., but nonetheless. Age shouldn't matter...look at mothers in Africa. There are more things to worry about than people bf thier children past a year old. If the child wants to be fed..fed them! I try to be discreet, but not so discreet that I am uncomfortable.
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