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Sheeeva 01-28-05 03:20 PM

I need help!
I have been trying to get Shaelyn to drink EBM from a bottle this week and I have had no luck. She refuses to suck on the teat, she just gnaws at it and lets the milk dribble down her face. I have tried 3 different types of teats, I have warmed the teats, each one of my siblings and DH has tried feeding her (as have I) but nothing. I eventually just give in and breastfeed her. Does anyone have any tips or tricks for me to try???

skyqueen 01-28-05 03:37 PM

my DD was pretty anti-bottle too at first.
but, I just kept at it. After about 3 days of screaming, she finally gave in and sucked about 10 times but then resumed screaming.
The next day when I tried it after that, she sucked about 20 times before resuming the screaming.
And the 3rd day after that, she decided it wasn't a big deal and took the bottle no problem.

BUT, I was the one who had to give it to her (as DH didn't seem to have the knack). I had to hold her tight against me almost in the exact nursing position (hard to get the bottle in the mouth when the face is facing your chest :lol: ) and do it that way.
Yes, the dribble was bad, so I had a cloth diaper between me and her face, and I had it wedged down under her chin to catch the dribble.
About a month of bottle work and she was finally not so messy.

Just keep at it. :hugs:

DanieH 01-28-05 04:07 PM

Wow...Kaitlyn took the bottle at 5 days old w/ no problems. I didnt realize how hard it can be. I have a feeling my 2nd child is the one thats giving me a lot of probs.

frogger773 01-28-05 04:55 PM

We tried to give Chloe a bottle on New Year's Eve the first time and she wouldn't take it at all. :( I just recently tried to give her a bottle myself and did as Karen said (holding her tight in the nursing position) and she took it like a pro. :clap: She was messy, but finally sucked on it. I wish you luck. :xfingers: She gets the hang of it soon.:hugs:

ethanandsydsmom 01-29-05 08:37 AM

Yup, sometimes they will refuse those nipples, when they have already had the real thing, can you blame them??? lol

Just keep at it, she will eat when she gets hungry enough.

My second, never would take a bottle, but I also didn't push the issue that hard.

Keagan already takes both, so I am blessed so far. :)