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koala_kaper 09-14-11 11:00 PM

I need help!
Ok, first, how do I get my baby to latch on better so she doesn't make that "clicking" sound? I have tried everything I can think of and nothing has worked!

Also, my baby has green, foamy poo and I've read that it's most likely because of a foremilk/hindmilk imbalance, BUT I am already doing everything they suggest to fix it! Should I just go ahead and call the pediatrician, or is there something else I can try?

Thanks in advance!!!

Dopey406 09-15-11 01:04 AM

It sounds like there could be a latch problem and that could explain both the clicking as well as the foremilk/hindmilk imbalance problem. Have you tried a different hold? Try a football hold if you haven't--sometimes this allows for a deeper latch, creating more surface for suction, thus more stimulation, then more hindmilk.

The other thing you can do is block feed. I know that's hard with other little ones in the house but it could help with the green foamy poop. Google it and check it out.

Lastly, it could be a milk allergy/intolerance. That turned out to the be case with Alex. I had to eliminate all dairy from my own diet and he was much better. He does have a milk allergy (any time he has any dairy, he eyes swell shut and he gets welts all over his face) so once I eliminated all dairy from my diet, his green foamy, poops started clearing up.

Also, call back to the hospital where you gave birth and ask to speak to the LC on duty. There is usually someone there or a voicemail you can leave for her to call you back. I think most hospitals offer this to new moms and I've utilized our LCs A LOT! If it's a breastfeeding problem, I've probably had it! :nod:

Keep it up---whatever you do, don't stop nursing!


brandimichelle 09-15-11 12:15 PM

I recently got my Lactation Counselor Certification... the clicking sounds are due to a poor latch. You will soon find out that you are going to have sore nipples due to this and it is very likely that he is not getting the correct milk transfer. You def. need to latch her correctly to ensure she is getting the proper milk transfer. As far as the foremilk and hindmilk... there is evidence based research out now that says that foremilk at times during the day is just as fatty as the hindmilk and that the fat content in breastmilk is always changing throughout the day so I don't really get the whole imbalance thing...?

koala_kaper 09-15-11 12:46 PM

Thanks ladies! I'll probably call the LC's today and see what they'd like me to do! I figure after all the stuff I've been reading, it might be worth it just to make sure they don't think it's an allergy of some sort!

koala_kaper 09-23-11 01:48 PM

I ended up taking Keturah to the Ped. She said it's either something viral that just hasn't left her system yet, or it's the foremilk/hindmilk thing.

I still can't get her to latch correctly. No matter what the heck I try, she just won't do it right. It doesn't hurt at all, but she makes the "clicky" sound everytime she eats and the fact that her poo hasn't changed bothers me. She doesn't get fussy about it, she's actually a very calm/content baby who nurses great (except the latch) and is gaining weight like crazy (she's gained a little over 2 pounds in 5 weeks). I just wish her poo looked normal and that she'd latch decent! Ho-hum!