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Breast is best . . . and exceptionally painful?!? Print Version

lethaacker 10-17-16 06:19 AM

Breast is best . . . and exceptionally painful?!?
My son is now about three weeks old and I've been breastfeeding him since day one. I expected some pain up-front, but now, three weeks later, I'm seeing no improvement and I feel like I can't even enjoy my time with my newborn son. I dread every feeding because of the pain it's causing me.

I've seen several different lactation consultants (about 4 visits total) and they've all confirmed that we consistently have proper latches, but the little guy is "as strong as a barracuda".

My nipples are flattened after every feeding. They're not chapped or bleeding anymore (they were the first couple of days), so I don't understand why they continue to hurt.

Something weird that I've noticed is that my breasts really itch throughout the feedings.

I feel like I can't continue with this anymore - it seems abnormally painful all of the time. I want to give the little guy the best start in life, but the pain!!!

I've tried pumping to give my breasts a break and my husband helped out by finger feeding a lot of meals, but then the baby started having regular green poop which is a sign of oversupply! We were then concerned that he wasn't getting enough hind-milk so we started block feeding a few days ago, but the pain is still persistent. I just can't win.

One other thing to note, the baby seems to have a lot of gas problems. He's always squirming and crying, even after long burping sessions; occasionally he'll fart and the crying will stop for a minute or two before picking up again. If he's not sleeping, he's crying.

Is this normal? Have you experienced this unfathomable pain? What helped you?

I'm at my wits end here - perpetually tired and in immense pain. I just want to enjoy my baby!

Pookiepie28 10-20-16 10:55 AM

May I suggest a different feeding position, maybe he's not latching correctly? If it continues I would talk to a doctor. And as far as his gas he may have colic. They make colic relief you can get at any drug store. But ask his pediatrician first. Hope this helps! God bless.