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5 Things New Parents Must Know!

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Old 01-07-15, 11:20 AM
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Default 5 Things New Parents Must Know!

Having a baby is a daunting task, whether or not you've done it before. There are an endless number of things that you will need to take care of while your baby is still in infancy. You almost always have a full shopping list and the list often includes things you've never used or knew you needed before. Fortunately, there are a lot of resources on how to nurse and take care of a child that are of great help to first time parents. A few essential tips are covered below and should be an effective guide to taking care of a baby.

Don't hesitate to take or accept help.

The stress of having and taking care of a baby immediately after a childbirth is phenomenal. So it is necessary to have some assistance in the beginning from either friends or family, or a professional nurse if necessary. Since ages ago, mothers of newborn children have been assisted by their parents or sisters or nurses depending on the situation. The reason being that it is difficult to handle the sudden change in stress levels after having a baby.


Newborns are even more fragile than they look and it is very important to know that their immune systems have not developed yet, and their ability to fight infections is very weak. The only protection the infants have is from their mothers milk which is valid for only six months or so. It is important that everyone washes their hands thoroughly with an antiseptic soap or with hand sanitizer. The cloth used to wash the baby should be washed in hot water and thrown away after a few uses. Make sure to give the baby a very clean wipe every time it urinates or defecates.


Newborns don't have a fully developed skeletal structure yet, so its important that they are always held correctly with a hand supporting the neck. Shaking of any kind should be absolutely avoided until the baby has a well developed skeletal structure and musculature. Vigorous shaking has been known to cause bleeding in the brain and in some cases even death. If you need to wake your baby then do so by tickling its feet or blowing softly on its cheek. Another important thing is to make sure your baby is secure in its carrier while travelling, if you are uncertain about this, just hold it securely against your chest.

Sponge baths over tubs.

Newborn babies are not ready to get into the water, not only is it difficult because it is tough to handle them while trying to clean, it may also make the baby uncomfortable which makes your job tougher. Clean the baby with sponge baths a maximum of three times a week, any more may make the skin of the baby dry. Use a mild soap recommended by your pediatrician and use very small quantities of it, we don't want to create any dryness or rashes.


This is an area which concerns most parents, how much to feed the baby and how often. It is recommended that you let the baby decide when it should be fed. It will attempt to ask for food by crying or putting fingers in the mouth and making sucking noises. A newborn typically feeds every 2-3 hours and it should be fed about 15 minutes at each breast or given 2-3 ounces of formula feed.

Keeping these tips in mind, you should understand that though it is daunting, there is plenty of help for those who have newborn babies. Accessories such as the Mountain buggy and diono car seat are freely available and is very useful.

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Thank you for sharing these tips!
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you welcome
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Good tips!
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Old 12-26-16, 10:58 AM
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Thanks for your sharing. it's very useful to me.
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