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Chapped Lips

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  • Suenue 06-16-12 | 01:36 AM
  • Has anyone's newborn
    had chapped lips? If so, is there anything I can put on them?
  • Dopey406 Dopey406's Avatar 06-16-12 | 10:24 AM
  • Are you nursing? If so, does it look chapped right on the top lip in the middle? That's pretty normal. It would be really unlikely for a newborn to have chapped lips unless he/she's incredibly dehydrated and I'm guessing that's not the issue. If you're concerned, contact your pediatrician and ask about it but until then, I wouldn't put anything on it because you wouldn't want Baby ingesting anything other than breastmilk or formula.
  • justnik18 06-22-12 | 05:16 PM
  • Lanolin. It is a cream that women use to put on their nipples when breat feeding but it can be used for babies chapped lips. The doctors at the hospital and my pedi told me that if her lips try up just to rub a little of that on her lips or on my breast before feeding. It will clear it up really fast. But make sure the baby is getting enough food because dry lips is usually nothing to worry about it can mean baby is getting dehydrated.