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possible problem

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  • Janine Janine's Avatar 11-28-06 | 06:45 PM
  • It isn't a big deal, but for the last two days, I have noticed when I shut down my browser and reopen it later, it still has all the same forums lit up even if there isn't any new activity. It used to refresh everytime I closed my browser. I've also noticed that the board is runnign really slow today too.
  • Elizabeth Elizabeth's Avatar 11-28-06 | 07:03 PM
  • Hi Janine!

    In Internet Explorer:

    Go to Tools -> Internet Options
    Click "Delete Files"
    Close the bowser and then restart

    Also check your Cashe settings by

    Go to Tools -> Internet Options
    Click Settings
    Make sure it's set to Always for the check for new pages option.

    Cookie timout is now 1 hour. So if you close and reopen within 1 hour, everything might not get reset. To mark everything as read, at the very bottom of the forum homepage, click the "Mark As Read" Link.

    I hope this helps!
  • Janine Janine's Avatar 11-28-06 | 07:47 PM
  • Thanks.
  • MrsPook MrsPook's Avatar 12-01-06 | 03:27 PM
  • I was having the same problem as Janine. I have done what you said so we shall see how it goes. This morning I was on several times over the course of 5 hours and posts that have not had a response since last night were still showing up as "new" to me.
  • Janine Janine's Avatar 12-01-06 | 06:17 PM
  • Whatever teh problem was for stopped yeasterday. I really think it was more than need to clean out cookie because it used to mark the threads as read as soon as I refreshed the screens and it wasn't doing that. It seems to be working alright now least for me.