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signature not working

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  • ethanandsydsmom ethanandsydsmom's Avatar 01-21-06 | 08:49 PM
  • When the boards were updated, something happened in the "edit signature" part.

    When you type all of your image code in, and then hit submit, or preview, nothing happens.

    It is like the buttons aren't linked?

    I know the size, and file type, so that isn't a problem.
  • icerayn icerayn's Avatar 01-23-06 | 11:25 AM
  • Looks like the images you have on your signature have been deleted from your website. If you need any more help let me know.
  • ethanandsydsmom ethanandsydsmom's Avatar 01-23-06 | 02:12 PM
  • Yes, I know. I am working on a new one. I uploaded the images to my babycorner website, and then copied and pasted into the signature area, but when I went to hit preview, nothing happened. Usually the page refreshes, and you can view your sig.