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Love this site! Print Version

MollysMommy 06-30-12 12:13 PM

Love this site!
I found this page on a fluke and now i absolutely LOVE it!!
i try to get on when my daughter takes naps and right before bed. Im always checking up on it to see whats new and to talk to other mommies give/get support and advice.
So glad i found this page!! Its awesome.
Want to give a big thanks to EVERYONE whos given me support so far, its truly appreciated!

Dopey406 06-30-12 01:33 PM

:bighug: Welcome! We're so glad you're here!!

2babygirls 06-30-12 03:08 PM

Glad you found it.
I used to be here non-stop but its slowed way down so I wandered off but I still check in now and then.

I hope it picks up. :(

MollysMommy 07-01-12 01:46 PM

yeah me too, i love talking with other mommies!

Elizabeth 07-02-12 09:52 AM

First, Welcome to Baby Corner! I'm so glad you like it here and are finding friends and support here that you need! So glad to have you here!

Yes, it was a little slow here for awhile, but we are working to change that... and with everyone's help, it will be rockin' again soon!