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  • DanieH DanieH's Avatar 12-26-11 | 05:13 PM
  • Hope everyone had a great Christmas! Christmas Eve we(the girls and i) went to mass w/ my parents and was planning on spending the rest of the night over DH's parents since we wont be spending xmas dinner w/ them. DH's cousin called and wanted us to stop over there since they had something for the girls they put us in a bind..what we going to tell them, no now?! Since church is not even 5 min from his cousin place, I suggested we would met him over there after mass was done @ 530 and stay for only an hour. DH told me to call him when mass was done, so I did and tells me his mom is a pita....Ive told her TWICE(one of the times DH was there so he knows) but she didnt know we werent going to be there for xmas dinner. Ugh, really? So....b/c she was flipping out on him about xmas day and wanted to know when we were coming since she had all this kielbasa for xmas eve, DH wanted to get over there at 8..ugh, really? He p!ss her off even more...whatever...his family. My dad, santa, showed up around 830. I told my mom either Santa needs to pay attention or she needs to dress him since his beard was inside out! DOH! I honeslty didnt realize until my BIL brought it to my attention on FB. Surprisingly, Kaitlyn didnt notice anything that my dad was Santa. We thought she was catching on since last year, he had the same shoes as home before 10.

    Xmas morning, exchanged gifts at the house then went over my ILs and exchanged there. THey got us our new stove hood, to match the stove they bought us last year, tv the FIL needed help w/ something and Chris didnt realize what it was until my FIL pointed to the "tag" that I made. He said "holy sh!t". I got him GOOD! He was totally surprised. Then he felt bad b/c I got my laptap early for my bday/xmas gift, so other then that he got me my car charger(that I asked for), hair ties and some chocolates. I bought him a bunch of stuff b/c I wanted him to be totally surprised. I told him that every year, he tries to get me something big....the last time I did was 10 yrs ago w/ hockey tickets, so he was overdue. LOL

    We went to the local diner for breakfast with my IL's and BIL and his g/f. DH wanted help moving the tv from downstairs to upstairs, so my BIL helped him w/ that. DH then started putting the new tv stand together...he wasnt completely done then rode over an hour and a half to my aunts house for 3 1/2 hours. We were home a little after 8. I figured since the girls didnt have time to play w/ their new toys, they stayed up til 10. I got up 845 this morning! Whew! Anyways, heres a link to pics from xmas eve/day! Enjoy!

  • 2babygirls 2babygirls's Avatar 12-27-11 | 12:37 PM
  • Aren't you glad its over?
  • MrsS1stbaby MrsS1stbaby's Avatar 12-27-11 | 01:30 PM
  • Christmas was good, but busy! Christmas Eve morning Dh cooked breakfast and his family all came over for that. Then that night we had dinner and exchanged gifts at Dh's grandparents. I was in a foul mood though afterwards; Dh was being grouchy & it rubbed off on me, I guess.

    Christmas morning we did gifts at the house. Kendall had been naughty, so she only got one lil doll from Santa and a letter telling her he is watching! She could have cared less, especially after she started opening her gifts from us. It was nice to do just us in the morning. They played with some new toys and then it was off to my parents for Christmas lunch & round 3 of opening gifts.

    Then Christmas Day evening, his mom, brother, sis-in-law, and aunt came over for Christmas dinner at our place and round 4 of opening gifts. Kendall did not go to bed until about 10:45pm....and she hadn't even taken a nap that day!

    So glad it's all over....except for now I have to put all the decorations, tree, etc away. All the clutter starts to grate on my nerves soon after the gift opening is done, lol. I just want everything back to normal, lol!