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A heartfelt letter.

A heartfelt letter.

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  • MrsS1stbaby MrsS1stbaby's Avatar 03-05-10 | 04:44 PM
  • Yes, there are a few people I would love to have closure with.

    A few months back I had the opportunity to apologize to an ex from highschool. The ladies here on TBC agreed with me, but I did have a friend who was poo-pooing my decision. She must be someone who doesn't have any regrets in life, but I am not that person! Ultimately, the message I sent was fairly casual, but the reciepent never responded. So either a) I truly hurt them way back then & bringing it up was too much to respond, b) the person had no clue what I was talking about and now thinks I am some pathetic loser, or c) I gave myself too credit for actually thinking I hurt this person and they think I am pathetic loser! LOL Whichever it was, at least I could die tomorrow knowing I apologized.
  • Mommy2Matthias Mommy2Matthias's Avatar 03-05-10 | 05:02 PM
  • I think I will write the letter/email. I can't explain why I'm so compelled to do it.

    I've also decided to hand write a letter to my BF. We've had a lot of hard years, and I always tried to blame him. In the last few months, something has changed. I want him to know that I truly forgive him, and myself for all the really crappy stuff we've gone through. I could just tell him, but maybe the words will sink in better being read. I still have problems verbally communicating at times, so I don't want something that is meant to be heartfelt to turn out the other way LOL.

    My mom and I recently had a heartfelt discussion (a few weeks after the whole atheist debacle) about our relationship, what we wanted in our relationship, etc. The other day, I called cuz I just wanted to talk to my mama (I'm still a mama's girl as you can see) and we were discussing a situation involving my sister. I said something like "You know what mom, no matter what...she is my sister, my blood, and my friend. I will fight for her, be whatever she needs--right or wrong" she replied with saying that she was so grateful for both of her daughters because we have taught her so much about love, forgiveness, and relationships mainly over the last few years. She even apologized about getting so angry at me for things that she didn't approve of. She finally said "You may be an adult, but you're still MY baby. I will do my best to support your decisions from now on, regardless of how I feel about them". That meant the world to me.
  • mac71 mac71's Avatar 03-05-10 | 07:06 PM
  • There is an old friend I would like to write to but I've no way of contacting her, I have no idea where she is. I've tried Facebook and other communities but no luck. I did write a letter to DH once and deleted it afterwards because we had had a fight and we were'nt getting on so I wrote down all my feelings anc called him a couple of names but I did feel lots better.

    I do think you are doing a good thing - good luck!
  • Sheri Sheri's Avatar 03-05-10 | 08:04 PM
  • I'm glad you and your mom worked things out.
    And yes I would totally right that letter.
    I recently ran into an old friend who had said something very upsetting about me. I didn't confront her on it as I could see she was not exactly in a happy place in her life. So instead I let her know my door was wide open for her, anytime she needed me.
    No point in harboring grudges- life's too short.

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