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Just curious????

Just curious????

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  • tamilee 05-31-06 | 02:13 PM
  • How many of us have ever been to a nude beach etc......Was it fun ?were you embarrased? did you go completlty nude or just topless?
  • tamilee 05-31-06 | 02:21 PM
  • Ive never been to a nude beach. However I have went swimming nude when I was younger with friends. A bunch of us probably 15-20 used to go to the creek and swim naked it was fun.
  • MariahsMommy 05-31-06 | 02:36 PM
  • heck no! My body scares the crap outta me, why would I put anyone else through that kind of trauma?
  • Natascha Natascha's Avatar 05-31-06 | 02:36 PM
  • I've never been to one.
    I don't think I could ever go to one. I might scare everyone off. No seriously, I'm just really self conscious.
  • janieluvshowie janieluvshowie's Avatar 05-31-06 | 02:44 PM
  • I've been to a topless beach I was shy at first but then figured what the heck. After a few minutes I totally forgot and had a good time.