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Shoes on or off in the house??

Shoes on or off in the house??

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  • skyqueen skyqueen's Avatar 06-07-06 | 05:33 PM
  • What's the policy in your house?

    it it okay to wear shoes in the house? or is it a strictly no shoe house?

    We allow shoes in our house (eventhough DH would prefer it be a no shoe policy).

    The way I figure it, I'd rather have the dirt to clean than the smelly feet odor to try and clean out.
  • Beckamarie2 Beckamarie2's Avatar 06-07-06 | 06:15 PM
  • Well until we moved here to Hawaii it was always shoes in the house, but since all we ever wear are slippers (flip-flops) they make there way off before we get into the house, and all the handy men that work on our house they automatically remove shoes before coming in. It's a cultural thing here
  • Jenivere Jenivere's Avatar 06-07-06 | 07:13 PM
  • I would like a no shoe policy to make floor cleaning easier but I would have trouble enforcing it. Peter almost always has shoes on while I could live most of my life barefoot and be happy.
  • MariahsMommy 06-07-06 | 07:21 PM
  • Shoes are welcome in my house
  • Natascha Natascha's Avatar 06-07-06 | 09:51 PM
  • We usually just take our shoes off when we come in from outside and then slip or flip flops on, unless that is what we were wearing in the first place. So I guess shoes is the house is my answer.