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Speaking of Tacky

Speaking of Tacky

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  • Amber22 Amber22's Avatar 06-05-06 | 09:47 PM
  • Check out what I just came accross

  • mrshancock1 06-06-06 | 02:50 PM
  • We just moved from Norfolk, VA and that was being talked about while we were there. I think that it is funny! The guy is stupid saying that is targeted towards "blacks". Ridiculous!
    I think that it is good! No one wants to see peoples butts hanging out! No matter who they are!
  • MariahsMommy 06-06-06 | 03:38 PM
  • works for me! Hootchies need to hike up their pants and look decent!
  • Natascha Natascha's Avatar 06-06-06 | 04:17 PM
  • That's so nasty(the picture).
    I can just see a police officer saying "Excuse ma'am, you underwear are showing. I'm going to have to ticket you for that."
  • NicholeMatthew NicholeMatthew's Avatar 06-06-06 | 04:23 PM
  • But a law against it. THat is a little far!