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Hope 2 year and Ryan 6 month pics Print Version

Mark'sbabygirl 08-14-11 12:21 AM

Hope 2 year and Ryan 6 month pics
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We went to The Picture People last week (we had a gift card) to have some pics done. Hope was pretty upset because she thought she was at the doctor, lol, but DH was able to cheer her up and finally get a few good pics. Our little man was such a trooper, and I am so glad we did a family pic. We weren't planning on it, but Hope wouldn't take any pics without us at first.

Mark'sbabygirl 08-14-11 12:26 AM

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More pics :)

brandimichelle 08-14-11 10:34 AM

Those are great Heidi! The one of Hope alone is the *perfect* 2 year photo. I also love the family photo. Your little man is so sweet... he was smiling the whole time! They both look very much alike!

rudolphia 08-14-11 12:14 PM

Very cute!

lynn012 08-14-11 03:49 PM

cute! :)