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savannah33 02-15-12 09:34 AM

Obese children
I read this earlier and it just strikes me as sad. Especially the part where they indicate this is only in America. What are we doing to our kids? 1 in 3 are overweight / obese.

I don't think the answer is make bigger desks , clothes etc. :no:

2babygirls 02-16-12 12:02 PM

Well, since part of the reason for bigger clothes and desks is that each generation gets taller I do think that is a good idea. My niece and also Rachel sometimes have trouble finding clothes because they are still kids but don't fit into kid's sizes any more. Its not as hard for Rachel because she has boobs but her cousin is still pretty flat so clothes do not fit on top.

That doesn't solve the problem of unhealthy kids, but NOT producing desks and clothes that fit just makes it worse for them.

SoccerPlayerMom 07-22-12 03:05 AM

It's true that the new generation is getting taller and this has a lot to do with the new chairs etc. However, when I walk into a fast food place or a donut shop, I see a disproportionate amount of obese children. It's just sad that these kids have to face such a challenge so early in life because their parents prefer to soothe them with junk food rather than attending their needs.

SoccerPlayerMom 07-22-12 03:10 AM

Unfortunately childhood obesity is a growing problem in a lot of countries including UK and here in Canada. My fave TV chef Jamie Oliver started a movement to revise school lunches and make sure kids gets healthy, nutritious meals. I'll post the link if I can find it.

evaalmond 04-16-15 03:00 AM

I think the obesity in children is quite a serious issue and one parents should see to it that their children eat healthy and continue with their playing routine so that the are not attacked by obesity.