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Think its time... Print Version

DanieH 02-18-13 09:09 PM

Think its time...
Just made an appt on thursday to put Pepper down. :*( He will be 12 in April and between the arthritis, hip dysplasia, and lumps on his stomach, that has grown, hes just in pain. My gf who worked at a vets office saw him today...she said in a matter of two wks, shes noticed his eyes sunken in. Its time. He whines all the time, never sits still...he just cannot get comfortable. Weve been thinking about it since before the holidays. The girls are just waiting, well at least Kaitlyn...she knows he wont be around too much longer. Thursday will NOT be a good day. :(

MrsS1stbaby 02-18-13 09:20 PM

Oh no, I'm so sorry! I do not want to think how our family will deal with that, especially the kids, when our dog starts to age in that way. I hope you and your family can take this time to say goodbey and remember the good times.

lauralkemp 02-19-13 01:09 AM

Yeah it was hard enough when had to do it for our kitty who went into cardiac arrest at the vet and cpr wasn't working. That was before kids. I can't imagine the day when our almost 6 year old kitties start getting up there and we have to make that choice.

DanieH 02-19-13 05:58 PM

My MIL suggested after picking up the girls to take them back to her house. I think its a good idea. I dont want them seeing DH taking him and not bringing him home.

Chickie 02-19-13 08:45 PM

I am so sorry that you are losing your furbaby. It is so hard to do the right thing. Prayers for healing hearts.