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DanieH 02-18-13 09:36 PM

New job
Sooo...many of you know I got laid off last January. Was out of work for 7 month and started my new job in August. Ive mentioned, i believe, that when I was talking to the hiring mgr, he told me he wanted me on the team. Created a new position for me and gave me $7,000 more than the orginal. He left back in Dec to be w/ our prime contractor. He told me the day of his move about budget cuts, etc and he confided in me telling me he was thinking of moving me over w/ him.

He wanted to talk to me today.... Our contracts end the end of April and Im one of them. He told me I will have a job. He wanted to know how I felt working for a small company This small company is VERY 10 employees but they want to expand. He mentioned they are part of the team moving forward, so he doesnt see anything wild happending in the future. My company will shrink....He mentioned that he doesnt want to loose me and still wants me to be on the team. He promised he would take care of me and Im honored that hes keeping his word. I will be doing the same thing Im doing now in the prime contractor building. He told me to send him my resume(this was thursday) and I got a call today(monday) for an interview in an hour and half! He wants me to talk w/ the presidant of the company as well!

I was in complete shock! I love where Im at the big company name, love my coworkers, but it wouldnt mean anything If/when I get laid off. Def think God knows there is bigger and better things out there for me and def thinks this is where I need to go.