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Hey Guys!!! Print Version

MollysMommy 05-09-13 05:26 PM

Hey Guys!!!
Hey, how has everyone been??
I've missed out on a LOT!!
Forgot my username and password!
If you forgot or new to the group since I've been gone for a million years I'm Crystal and my daughter is Molly Jade.
She just turned 1 in March :)

raabta01 05-10-13 02:10 PM

You haven't missed much Crystal, this place has been a ghost town for a while now.

MollysMommy 05-10-13 03:22 PM

Boo :( Sharon was just telling me about it. That really stinks. Let's pick it back up!!!!

raabta01 05-13-13 01:28 PM

Yeah I talk to her on facebook. I don't know where everyone here went?!

savannah33 06-04-13 09:32 AM

:wave: I logged in for the first time in probably a year.