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  • Dopey406 Dopey406's Avatar 08-31-10 | 07:31 PM
  • I use coupons for almost everything I buy. Today I bought a bunch of stuff at Target and only two things didn't have at least one coupon (but those two things were on clearance

    Each Sunday, I take out the coupon inserts (Smart Source, Red Plum, and P&G). I write the date on the front with a Sharpie. Then I file them in a hanging file box according to insert brand, with the newest date toward the front.

    Then I follow a few really great "super saver" blogs to get really good deals. The bloggers have coupon databases and when I go grocery shopping, I check the databases against my shopping list to find a matching coupons.

    The sites also post great store deals each week so I can stock up on items that I use reguarly. For instance, this week at Kroger, Ronzoni pasta was on sale for $1. There were a bunch of printable $.75 coupons (which doubled to $1), making those FREE! So I stocked up and have enough pasta in the pantry now to last for a long time. If you do this over the course of a few months, you'll have a large stockpile and won't have to spend as much each week at the grocery.

    Yesterday was a "stock up" day for me at Kroger and I got over $200 worth of groceries for $120. That is about $30 more than I spend on a regular week but I did stock up on a bunch of things and refilled the pantry.

    Check your grocery store's coupon policy: I shop at Kroger and my store doubles all coupons up to $1. This means that any coupon $.50+ will instantly become $1. Anything below that will be doubled (i.e. a $.35 coupon becomes $.70). Some stores double up to $2. Most stores will accept a store coupon AND a manufacturer coupon on a single item. I did this today at Target on Hanes socks. I had a Target coupon (from the Target website) for $1 off and there was a $.55 off peelie on the package of socks. The socks were on sale for $3.50 so I got a pack of six Hanes girls socks for $1.95!

    Also, I do a lot of shopping at CVS and Walgreens. Most people wouldn't think to shop there because their prices are generally higher BUT if you watch the sales and use coupons, you can actually MAKE money at these stores!! We don't pay for things like toothpaste and deodorant anymore because we can almost always stock up when a coupon with a sale makes the item free.

    I sometimes order bulk coupons from sites like Coupon Clippers or eBay to make sure I can take advantage of the best deals.

    It takes about an hour a week and I'm able to save my family thousands of dollars each week!

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  • Patience Patience's Avatar 09-03-10 | 12:21 AM
  • I do the exact same thing with the coupons. I love it. Target, CVS and Walgreens are some of the most "fun" deals. I just love saving money.

    When I first got started I would spend more than usual as I was shopping the sales AND buying my routine list. I finally figured out how to save the money AND modify my list to work with what was/is on sale.

    I haven't bought ebay coupons yet, but I think it is a good idea. I just hate to buy things ahead unless I KNOW I'm going to use them. With our crazy life I never know for sure I'll get to the store before the sales week is up. LOL! Sad but true.

    I do buy 2 papers some weeks and even they are bought on sale. LOL!