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Health Insurance Premiums

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  • jaedrae jaedrae's Avatar 02-09-10 | 02:08 PM
  • For your health insurance premiums? I've heard that Maine is one of the highest cost places for health insurance...

    I work at a hospital and health insurance premiums will be $5,700 this year. That includes $20 biweekly for dental. We then pay $15 for co-pays at our doc, $25 for a specialist and $50 for the ER. We paid about $7,500 in 2009 in healthcare costs between premiums and everything else!
    That seems to me like a lot, but I don't really know what the rest of the country pays.

    If you don't mind me asking, what do you pay?
  • DanieH DanieH's Avatar 02-09-10 | 02:17 PM
  • I wanted to kick myself in the butt b/c during open enrollment, for some reason, I never checked other options and let everything rolled over.....Im paying an extra $400....Our copays are $20 for PCP, $30 for specialist and $50 for hospitals...for this year...we will be paying about $9600 in health ins...the thought just sickens me.
Thank you DanieH!
jaedrae (02-09-10)
  • Patience Patience's Avatar 02-09-10 | 06:34 PM
  • We are truly blessed. DH works as a teacher and they have a union contract that has kept insurance costs down comparatively. What DH lacks in salary we make up for in insurance costs (and we use them a lot).

    We pay $15 for specialists and $35 for ER. Our primary care doc and pediatrician is covered at 100%. If we were both healthy we wouldn't have to pay very much at all. Since we see so many specialists and I'm on so many pills it really adds up quickly. We would literally be bankrupt if it weren't for the low co-pays.

    We pay around $25 per RX.

    I have to ask DH how much we pay monthly. It is deducted so I really don't know the exact amount. We can't change it so we just never notice what it is.
Thank you Patience!
jaedrae (02-10-10)
  • Dopey406 Dopey406's Avatar 02-09-10 | 07:14 PM
  • We switched to an HSA for this year so we pay 100% of everything up to our deductible (which is $2700) and then we pay 80%. For this privilege (
    ), we pay $125/month. The good thing about this plan is that is has an out-of-pocket maximum of $7,000 and we put in $5350 in pre-tax dollars into our healthcare savings account (HSA) to use toward medical expenses.

    We used to pay $550/month for our previous "regular" insurance.
Thank you Dopey406!
jaedrae (02-10-10)