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How will you pay for Christmas gifts?

How will you pay for Christmas gifts?

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  • Dopey406 Dopey406's Avatar 11-10-08 | 12:42 PM
  • Cash?
    Major credit card(s)?
    Store credit card(s)?
    Knock over a convenience store?

    Do you budget for Christmas gifts? Do you save ahead of time or just stockpile when the time arrives?

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  • charmel96 charmel96's Avatar 11-10-08 | 12:44 PM
  • same way we pay for everything,put it on the mastercard and pay the balance off each month
  • DanieH DanieH's Avatar 11-10-08 | 12:48 PM
  • I try to use just our checking account. I dont have a CC, but DH does and usually uses that for my gifts.

    I have money that goes into my credit union w/ each pay check, so thats majority of how I spend Xmas gifts on. I got $ from when I sold my gold, plus on doing a study on wednesday and will get $100 for 2 hours.

    No budget, but w/in reason. DH mentioned he wants to get our 4 yr old the Barbie Power Wheels converible...I wanted this to be for when she turns 5, so Im not really happy right now.

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  • LAB LAB's Avatar 11-10-08 | 02:56 PM
  • We don't spend much, so its not something we need to save up for. DH has been squirling money away every paycheck the past 2 months into our money market account and has just about enough to cover everything I'd like to get the girls this yr! I made extended family gifts last Spring, so that's done!

  • Janine Janine's Avatar 11-10-08 | 03:11 PM
  • The convience store is really looking liek a viable option right now!

    To be honest we haven't figured it out yet. We were on track reducing debt, and even had an emergency fund, but all that went out the window when I broke my leg. My disability was only 60% of income and I've had trouble even getting that mcuh paid out due to red tape!
    So we've got behind 1 month on the non essential bills and now we are working very hard to get caught up again. We can do it, but it will leave next to nothing left over for Christmas.
    What really sucks is that in January Dh is going back to school and we'll have a nice Student loan check, but it doesn't really do us any good for Christmas.