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  • ChristaMc ChristaMc's Avatar 09-01-06 | 11:46 AM
  • Well, I kind of just jumped right into this board w/out really introducing myself so I figured I would do that. My name is Christa and I am 28 married to Brent for 7 1/2 years and we have 2 girls Emily and Gracie. We recently moved into our home that we had built. I am a SAHM and Brent works for the City as Stormwater Administrator. We took a huge paycut to come back home to Abilene(around $25,000), so there lies alot of our financial issues. I am a shopoholic that has a wine taste on a beer budget! LOL I am a self described materialistic obsessive shopper that has calmed down alot since I had my girls. LOL Our family website is
    if you would like to go over and take a look.

    My Confessions:
    *I don't tell dh anything about our finances.
    * I spend money that we don't usually have
    * It scares me to think about what our future holds if I continue in this pattern.
    * My dh thinks we have $ in the savings that isn't really there.
    * HELP!

    Our bills:
    Mortgage: $689.12
    Dish Network
    Internet: $41.18
    Loan: $141.00
    School Loan: $55.32
    Cingular:$ 41.08
    Gymnastics: $75.00
    Dance Class: $75.00
    Car Insurance: $109.17
    Home Insurance
    Builder Overages
    Girl Scout Dues: $5
    Sony (dumb online game for dh
    ): $15.98

    Well, that's my you can see we don't have any credit cards or car payments....hence where I get stuck on how to make a budget when you really aren't paying anything victories anywhere. Glad that TBC has this board though, I am inspired deeply to get into financial, if I could just figure out how!
  • DEE DEE's Avatar 09-01-06 | 12:13 PM
  • Hi Christa! I am a huge shopaholic too and also tend to keep how much I spend from DH. One of my biggest goals is to REALLY cut back on shopping, especially with a baby on the way. Things in our life are really going to change now that we'll be paying for daycare and I'm going to be cutting back from working 5 days a week to 4. We do save but will be saving even more into a college fund.

    Good luck! LET'S STOP SHOPPING!!!!!!!! I think part of my problem is that I shop when I'm bored. Stupid I know but I do.
  • ~Kelli~ ~Kelli~'s Avatar 09-01-06 | 12:14 PM


    jump right it-- I did

    You may not havedebt type things-- but we all have victories in just paying for life, so look at it that way

    And atleast you admit your materialism.... i admire your honesty!
  • ~Kelli~ ~Kelli~'s Avatar 09-01-06 | 12:15 PM
  • and one step at a time..... once you get your hands around how much you are spending you'll be better off telling DH what the scoop is...
  • DEE DEE's Avatar 09-01-06 | 12:29 PM
  • I just wanted to add that I looked at your website and your girls are BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

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