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Private School!Desperate Mom!

Private School!Desperate Mom!

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  • PariBbbb PariBbbb's Avatar 07-13-09 | 09:43 PM
  • I think the original excitment of him being accepted has worn off and the reality of the price tag and if it is worth it has set in!The school he is in now is wonderful, its the type of school i would have loved to have gone to, it is a very modern forward thinking school, their teaching methods are great and the faculty are helpful and various friends have their kids their also, its $8,500 p/y so its a fraction of what i could possibly be paying!I do agree, sending him to a school like that doesnt gurantee a place in an ivy league college, heck he might not even want to go to an ivy league college for all i know he could want to leave home at 16 and join the circus!It think it is the idea of the school being a better education than the reality of the fact that chances are it doesnt equate to the price tag, i suppose the prestige and reputation are what attracts me also, my opinions kind of leaning towards keeping him in the school hes in, not going to rule it out but after talking with my girlfriends and my DH it seems to be the better option for him, the best education for him is what im thinking im doing when really i think im putting a little too much of my dreams in their!
  • Oreo Oreo's Avatar 07-13-09 | 11:40 PM
  • Well, as a former nanny to the super rich of Greenwich and DC, I have to say NO!!!!

    Dopey/Deanna has already made my main points about quality of education, saving for the future, possible economic family changes, etc...

    Here is my point -- do you want your child in a school with his/her peers where you say it is wonderful or do you want your kids to be the "poor kids" in the school?? In a school like the one you are talking about in NYC, unless you are a Tisch or Astor, you are bound be on lower end economically for that school. That is hard for kids and creates stress to keep up at a level that you might not be able to. Granted, there are probably some scholarship kids, but that is another whole ball of social stratus wax.

    I'd keep your kids in the current school where they are happy and doing well. If they prove to be gifted or have special needs, then I might look beyond the current situation. Why rock the boat? If he wants Ivy League he is going to have to earn it no matter what... Ivy League schools don't take dummies no matter where they come from.

    I wouldn't buy into the status thing. I've seen what happens to the kids who do and it isn't a good thing.

  • skyqueen skyqueen's Avatar 07-14-09 | 12:02 AM
  • they do if their last name is Bush...