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  • tammiane tammiane's Avatar 02-01-08 | 05:29 PM
  • Not done yet here. All docs are going to our accountant this coming week.
  • Oreo Oreo's Avatar 02-02-08 | 12:18 AM
  • Hoping we do well like last year -- a big chunk back from the feds and breaking even with state. DH said we got about 2K last year from the feds
  • alicia67 alicia67's Avatar 02-02-08 | 10:04 PM
  • We are getting a mighty big refund this year...over 7K (thanks adoption credit!!!) Pre-DS, we have only ever gotten a couple hundred dollars back (and that's with having our employers take out the max amount and then some on top). Last year we were able to claim DS as a dependent so we had a nice refund but this year is VERY EXCITING! We need to talk about adjusting our witholding for this year as we have extra adoption credit to use next year as well. I'd really rather have some extra money in our paychecks. And as usual, we just break even on our state taxes (we have extra taken out for state as well).
  • rosalind9298 rosalind9298's Avatar 02-03-08 | 05:25 AM
  • we are getting a huge refund too.
    over $12K from Fed. and around $500 from state. Imagine if we were able to claim all 4 kids (my ex-H claims 1 of the 2 boys we had together)
    DH has been talking about a boat for years, so he will be getting one. whatever he has left will go to misc. things for the house (possible bed room set for us, bed for one of the boys, some work on our shower in the master bath)
    DH never changed his to married or claim any dependants and as long as we can live 'without' that money, we enjoy getting it back in one lump sum at tax time. if we had it weekly, it would go to other things and not put into savings. this way, we usually put it back into the house (except this year and year it's MINE! i get to have tummy tuck/breast lift!! it would have been this year but we had a wonderful surprise born in Sept and i'm not at my goal weight yet.)
    we filed already and should have the $$ next week!